Our Jewellery

Our planet has many secrets. With Karma Mama, we uncovered some of them. The healing power of the earth is something we’ve always believed in. Some of the world’s most ancient and robust products are gems, stones, silver and gold. For as long as we can remember, they have been used to decorate temples, sacred grounds and people. Whether you love crystals and stones for their raw beauty or for their ability to bring peace and tranquility into your life, they all work to increase your vibrational frequency.

In partnership with Sanne Wels, we created an exclusive range of jewellery that symbolises our beliefs. The collection of jewellery is uniquely designed to support your wellbeing and happiness. Using the harmonious power of healing crystals, these delicate, distinctive pieces combine crystals and recycled and responsibly sourced 14k gold and silver (925).

We don’t believe in mass-production. Everything is hand-picked and handcrafted in Sanne’s own atelier in Eindhoven. The pieces are timeless and can be passed on from one generation to another as beautiful heirlooms.

About Goldsmith Sanne Wels

Sanne Wels was born and raised in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. Her passion for designing and creating jewellery has always been part of her life. From a young age, she has been intrigued by jewellery design and crystals, which were part of an ever-growing collection. Through her mother, an accomplished Reiki master, she discovered the healing power that lies within nature’s most beautiful stones and crystals.

After graduating as a Goldsmith in Schoonhoven, Sanne moved to Eindhoven, where her inspiration led her to design jewellery for those dearest to her. After nearly a decade in the jewellery industry, she made her dream of designing and creating her own collection a reality.

That’s where longtime friends Leonie (Founder of Karma Mama) and Sanne’s beautiful journey began. Together, they wanted to create a timeless and sustainable collection dedicated to love, nature and motherhood. A collection with the most delicate yet distinctive pieces combining crystals and (semi) precious stones. All of this while treating our planet and everyone that shares it with kindness by using the best recycled and responsible solid 14k yellow gold or sterling silver (925).



Empower Women 

Not only are we true advocates to the art of handcrafted jewellery, we also purchase sustainable pouches (in which your jewellery is housed) from our partners Friends International in Cambodia, a social enterprise. They train and employ mothers and help female independence thrive. We tirelessly work and support Friends International to help empower those strong women. Friends International provides materials and a market for marginalised women to create these beautiful pouches.


Sustainable and Responsible 

Karma Mama works with recycled and responsible silver and gold. More than 99% of the metal used by our supplier comes from recycled gold and silver. In addition, our supplier has signed the 'Responsible Gold Agreement' to identify and combat abuses in the production chain. This broad coalition consists of goldsmiths, authorities, jewellers, recyclers, NGOs, trade unions, and the government

This agreement is intended to bring about cooperation all those parties with a view to preventing abuses within production chains. The agreements are negotiated in individual sectors, with the partners developing long-term strategies to tackle complex problems together.